1. Chat with me

    I was very interested looking some presentations from Reaktor day 2014 hold in Helsinki this year when I stopped by this video of ninchat's back-end architecture. I found the idea pretty good so I decided to try it and now you actually can chat with me. It was pretty simple and straight forward to embed this chat on my site, you can just create a chatroom on ninchat site and they will provide you with the neccesary code you need to embed in your site. I don't have really clear how the pricing works because I made a mistake and activate the free trial, which is different that the free acount, I hope I can downgrade after. But for the moment, you have 1 month to chat with me. Remember, this chat is public, so anything you write there will be visible to everyone.

    I find this is a very easy way to embed support for your site in a very easy way. If you provide some service to many users will will end up neededing something like this.

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  2. Using GIMP

    Image Manipulation is one thing from which you will not be able to escape when doing some Web application. Normal good/real graphical designers will use Photoshop but as I'm not a graphical designer, neither I want to pay for Photoshop you can always use GIMP.

    I have tried few times to use this app and it is not very straight forward, but, it will do very well for simple things, like symbols or icons with transparent background like this one.

    Ospro Picture

    Idea of GIMP is to work with layers. First you make one layer in which you add the text with a desired colour and font. Then you add a layer with a figure like that rectangle. It is not straight forward to create the rectangle, first you select the rectangle tool, draw it, select the rounded corners. Then you go to edit and press Stroke Selection, this will finally draw the line.

    So, not a very difficult task but it took me some time to figure it out.

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  3. Bootstraping this

    There is a big learning curve in the WEB world, right now I've focused in changing the front end of this simple website and I have to be clear, it has required some reading and research. First I tried using bootstraping gem, but was not very successful. Considering what some advices from real front-end developers, I just start embedding the files into the site. So just download bootstrap and jquery and add them to the body as references. Everything works after that.

    If you want to start changing the way nestacms really looks, you have to get a copy of all hamls and stylesheets from the gem and copy them to your own folder. After that you can start playing around. My thanks to bootstrap-ruby for the sample and to Socialicius for those fantastics icons.

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